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The surrounding region has been home to countless civilisations for thousands and thousands of years, right from the early cavemen who dwelled upon the slopes of Montgo in 30,000 BC. From then, many peoples have arrived, settled and since left for pastures new, all leaving behind traces of life in pre-modern Javea.
In Roman times, the mountain of Montgo was used as a surveillance point to protect Javea and its neighbouring settlements, in particular, Denia (then Dianum), which had become a vital port town along the trading route. Javea itself, however, is thought to be the oldest known port for commercial fishing.
After the fall of Rome, and around 600 years after Christ, the Visigoths arrived. These were a nomadic people, who found themselves at war with the Romans not long before the end of their Empire. Legend tells of Prince Hermenegild, son of Leovigild, who converted to Christianity (treason in the eyes of the Goths) and fled into hiding in the monastery of Sant Marti, once of Javea. The king’s soldiers eventually found and murdered the prince. Today, the legacy of this people survives in the Visigoth surnames of many residents still in the Javea region.
The area has been inhabited by numerous others, such as the Greeks and the Moors, and their influence can also still be felt in modern-day culture, particularly in the fiestas and festivals of locals. For example, Moros y Cristianos is a parade popular among many Valencian communities that commemorates the victory of the Christians over the Moors more than 600 years ago. A more recent tradition, yet still of great historical importance, are the Fogueres de Sant Joan (translated as the Bonfires of Saint John), a pagan festival established at the start of the 20th century, which echoes our own Guy Fawkes’ Night.
History resonates throughout the society of Javea. Villas for sale here provide an amazing chance to taste it and feel it for yourself. Don’t miss your opportunity. If you’re looking for a property for sale in Javea, come and experience its incredible heritage while you can.

By Julie Carpenter