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Things to do

There’s never a shortage of things to do, see and experience in and around the Jalon Valley! If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Iberian culture, there are dozens and dozens of towns and villages that offer their own quaint insight into the history and life in the region.
Why not visit the 12th Century castle ruins of the Moors in Polop, or the delightful
wicker stalls of Gata de Gorgos? The Valley’s wine trade is nationally renowned, and a trip to Jalon itself and its fabulous bodegas should not be missed! If you’d prefer a more rural experience, then you must take a drive or even a hike into the mountains, and head up to the Coll de Rates, where you can breathe in some of the most spectacular views that Costa Blanca has to show.
Or how about a more adventurous day out? With diving, go karting and even
paragliding centres in the area, there’s plenty to get the adrenalin pumping! There are theme parks and water parks within easy driving distance as well, so children are never going to have a dull day!
From Parcent to Alcalali to Orba, every town harbours its own personality, each
steeped in its own traditions. And from each ‘rastro’, or flea market, to every fiesta (such as Jalon’s own Fiesta del Romero), they all possess their own special identity.


Local Cuisine

When it comes to food, every taste bud will be taken care of. A rustic cuisine, supported by the traditional staples of rice, fish and vegetables, has become famous the world over. Broths and stews are particularly popular among locals, and the fresh seafood caught daily rivals that of any coastline. Those with a sweet tooth will also be catered for, with a range of regional pastries, confectionery and liqueurs on offer from countless cafes, bars and restaurants, tucked away in every nook and cranny of southeast Spain.
Whether sampling the menu of twists at Parcent’s El Paraiso, or enjoying a delicious grill along with the stunning vistas at Restaurante Coll de Rates, you’re bound to stumble across your own gem…


The Jalon Valley lies at one of Europe’s most southern tips. Bordered by miles and miles of the spectacular white beaches of Costa Blanca, and surveyed by the mountains of Marina Alta, it’s among the most scenic escapes in the whole Peninsula. The vineyards and groves of olives and citrus fruits offer that wonderful continental feel, and at the start of the spring the Valley blossoms into life with the pinks and whites of the almond trees.
Inhabited by Arabic colonies hundreds of years ago, the region still bears their architectural influence. With its stone houses and colourfully painted walls, it now provides the perfect getaway for lovers of the Mediterranean.