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The sun is no stranger in Javea. Nearly 90% of the year is drenched in the shine, with temperatures comfortably into the 20s and even the sizzling 30s during the summer months. And for those sun worshippers of Javea, there’s no spot more perfect than the arenal!

A large area of Costa Blanca’s famously white sand, the arenal’s beach runs between the glorious waters of the Med on one side, and a colourful, bustling promenade on the other. The wares of the town are often on display here, with numerous stalls and shops open all the way down this piece of coast, providing a pleasant stroll in the evenings, as well as an excellent opportunity to experience the Spanish culture after a day of soaking up its rays. And not even the seaside can escape the town’s rich history and heritage; the Fontana Castle, built in the 15th century, once overlooked the stretch of bay, some of the ruins of which can be seen in the old town.
Outside of the town itself, there is plenty more to see and enjoy, and within easy reach of any property in Javea. The Natural Park of Montgo was founded in 1987, covering an area of more than 20km2. The Park is one of the most frequently visited attractions around, as a home to a variety of wildlife and a treasure trove of archaeological secrets. Carvings, burial remains and even cave paintings have been unearthed on the slopes of the mountain, dating back to 5000 BC, although it’s thought that some evidence traces back to the earliest of human civilisations that lived up to 30,000 years ago… Small dwellings and chapels atop the hills, such as that of Sant Llucia, point to early signs of villages and settlements that may have continued to be inhabited until the time of the Romans. Back then, Montgo was used as a natural observation tower. Today, archaeologists’ findings thus far can be observed in Javea’s museum.
The region of Javea isn’t just one to live in, it’s one to discover and explore. You want culture, excitement and history when looking for villas for sale. Javea provides it all and in abundance. It is, quite literally, your place in the sun.


By Julie Carpenter